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As parents of children with special needs, we have set up this group to support families of children with disabilities. Understanding the difficulties to include your whole family unit, our aim is to hold events that parents, carers, siblings and even grannies would enjoy together with your disabled child. We feel that we can aid our children by raising awareness and knowledge to those around them. OUR children have enlightened our lives, let’s help them enlighten theirs!!

“Disability is not the end of the story, it’s the beginning of a fantastic book x x”

Events involve not only special needs children but the whole family.As two mums from Plymouth we looked around for support, not just for our children but for our families. We soon discovered that there are organizations that cover individual disabilities but nothing that covers all special needs. It soon became apparent that we can learn from each other no matter what challenges we face.

Completely Special has grown rapidly as family members looking for help have banded together, supporting, sharing and caring for each other in group meetings and events held throughout the year. Our regular get togethers are announced on Facebook and members can be notified via E-mail. Discussions are casual and informal covering whatever is on your mind. From time to time guest speakers from various organisations related to our children’s disabilities are invited to talk to the group.
No matter if you suspect your child has additional needs or has been diagnosed with a disability we can offer support and help you find the answers you are looking for.
We feel from our own experiences we can try to help others, it’s the least we owe our special little people!

Quality time spent togetherOur goal is to be there for the entire family, knowing the hard work that goes into caring for a child with additional needs. From family outings and fun and games for the kids to well earned breaks for care givers, it is important to recharge your batteries on occasion.
Examples of events include, “Jump”  indoor play area, Picnic and play, Booze cruise (sorry, grown ups only!), an annual summer ball and Christmas party.

Essential to the growth of the group is our fundraising. We aim to raise money from sponsorship, community activities and from our adult events to help fund our children’s events. We are looking forward to providing more services to those that need them as our funding grows.

Please join us, we’re sure the group will benefit all members!
Tessa & Denise.

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